Bicycle Museum

The fascinating world of cycling in 5 exhibition rooms that are definitely worth a detour!

Some 200 pieces trace the fabulous history of the bicycle that was born at the beginning of the 19th century. Between the draisine imagined in 1818, the diving bike in 1996 and a host of other curious objects, you will discover the fabulous collection of an enthusiast.

To see: the “Grand Bî”, the “Michaux” the bicycle frame, system, cardan shaft, tandems, tricycles, triplets, folding bikes and a whole collection of pieces that demonstrate that the world of the “little queen” is rich in inventions. A film on the subject completes the visit.

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Rue de Stehnen 44

B-6700 Weyler (Arlon)

49.65625 5.82402 11


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  • The museum is accessible all year round, by appointment only.

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